Red Version - ABMP Lyrics

(I just ha[[Goldchain ends]]-ppen to have this masterball!) Yeah....Uh huh....(*A MASTERBALL!*)


Got my pokeballs and shit. Gotta muthafuggen backpack-got sum sizzors. Ha ha ha!
Gomyjournalinthismuthafuggawha­tsgood!? Where da poke'dex at yo? Yo lemme see this nigga Oak?
Lemme get a muthafuggen poke'dex
Lemme holluh at these bitches while I'm doin' it at the same time nigguh! Get on my bicycle.....
Yeah. Uh huh. Yeah. What? Nuh!
I'm just a young nigga from Pallet Town [Auh!]
I'm try'n get a fuggen pikachu [Auh!]
Evolve that muthafugga to a Raichu-hoo-hoo
Gimme a new Squirtle! Cuz I Luv Blastoise that nigga mad swag
And Iwanttofuckniggas up with...Sizzor! Nigga whatcha doin nigga better come next door to the flow
Cuz you know not-ta come close, cuz I got that elektabuzz
I will shock yo ass! Shock you bitch! The Muthafugen blast from!
Yes you got it dugtrio nigga, I got all the pokemon
And bitch you can't eat no Fritos
I got all them too, and I got all yo bitch and I got them Jordan shoes
So I'm stomp'n on da face bitch! Yuh-know how imm spitten
I'm living every place I'm about to come through your homes you better hide them in a different place bitch!

What...what...i said..what the fuck...what the fuck am I getting into?
Like a blind trap? Or a blind bat
Lemme hear the sonar coming off the tap, the tap is what I am
Spilling out you know, like forever and shit?
When you just pay me with plenty with pletheravish
That's a word that you don't know!
So I'm just gonna pretend rock it better than your shows, or my shows...
I doze off at my own shows. I like to sleep
I'm not like Petrow, I'm crippn with the creeps
And uh, I know you're just silly, cuz that's what I am
Cuz real recognize real, and fake recognize fake
Now take my hand, so I can shake it, just break it off
So I can prove to your that your neighbor are fuck'n soft
Awww..that's not what I like to hear
I like to say cheers, and knock beers together
And make sure the years go by faster when you hear-en the new ball drop
This is what call'n and called shots?
Watch! Me, like it's made of gold
But I'm telling no time, cuz it's out the window yo
So I could just make a little punch line at lunch time
Make sure that I rush rhymes faster so that you can't even here subliminal messages like -yesnerp-
Making sure that I just dip with jerks
And shit hurts my heart a little bit when I'm just running through a place where you don't know
It start with a W and ends my last name
So why don't we just keep on starting, and then stop the stopping when I'm rocking?
Shocking, your tops, what is that, I don't care
Cuz clocks on cops can't make sure that they stop...
....what does that even mean??


Yeah.....and I just caught a Garydos motherfugga, FUCK WIT IT. Muthafuggas can't fuck wit dis Garydos...level 60 in this bitch. I will fuck up all yo niggas pokemons. yo y'all pokemons can't FUCK WITH MY GARYDOS NIGGA. Got a level 80 Pidgeot nigga fuck with a nigga yo Pidgeots on deck yo. Got 4 of them bitches yo. 4 Pidgeots nigga and and yall niggas yo yo yo nigga got an Onyx in a muthafuggen... t...t.. niggas on stash

The onyx on stash. AND YOU KNOW WHAT LEVEL HE IS and you know what level my onyx be nigga YOU CANT FUCK WIT DAT SHIT. and I got a alakazam. And I got a alakazam. Kadabra ain't you...y...yall niggas got Kadabras but nigga we got alakazam nigga. we teleport in yo ass bitch! In yo bitch ass nigga in yo bitches ass...not yo ass bitch...yeah

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