Children of the Atom - Captain Murphy Lyrics

[Produced by Flying Lotus]

[Verse 1]
This is where the dream starts
Between you and the King's heart
Deceitful friends even though
Revenge is just a work of art
Our master crafts with faster ass
My nigga, why you say it's our last
He's only got stuff for words
Some might say I'm too nice
But a nigga take his own advice
I always learn the hard way-
Some say that I'm retard-ed
Catalog is full of mischief
A craftsman of shenanigans
Two Grammy's on my wishlist
I blame it on my fans and them
Illuminate the Heavens -
We children of the atom
Too real for fuckin' co-signs
I do this shit without 'em, ho

[Verse 2]
Captain's log, this is where I pinch it off
Look at all these bitches now
Stroke my dick and lick the sauce, 'til it's soft
Hopefully they come in packs
Bitches known for villain-y
I didn't spit a penny once I know this ho was feelin' me
I really "Beez in that trap"
Behind the backdoor doe
Two valves to the half-life
Two shots through the portal
It's gettin' real late now
Delivery Digorno
Either fuck a fat bitch
Or I'mma settle for this porno

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