God Loves You - Clyde Guevara Lyrics

(Hey, this is not a concert tonight, we havin’ church! All right...)

One of my homies came home
Shit, its about to be a celebration
Lil homie down the hall finished school
And nobody seen his graduation

We glorify the wrong things, (x2)

But where I’m from
Gold chains and new Jays make you feel like a king
(Money, ho’s and clothes is all a nigga knows)

We from the bottom with no way over, we all go through the struggle
But baby God loves you
I don’t really know if he exists up above you
But baby God loves you

Some people don't believe him
Some people really need him

Remember getting fresh on Easter
No Jesus, just a pair of sneakers
Grandma wake me up for church
Pretending my tummy hurt
So I could stay home and stunt up at the car show
Besides, do they teach you getting money in the bible

All the joy that a dollar bring
But if I talk about God my record won't get played

We glorify the wrong things (x2)

But where I’m from
Rosé and ho’s they’ll make you feel like a king
And now you got every pair of Jays but your rent ain’t paid
Before you start to know your daugher following your ways
But how could I judge you
Coz baby God loves you

On TV watching Jay at the game dapping 'Bronie
Then he walked through the door at my nigga Len party
I felt so small like I felt my feet dangle off the couch
Reality check the only kind I don’t bounce
He don’t know that I got a little baby girl too
That I love just like he love baby Blue
Shit, but all I could think of at the time
Is he gon’ give his daughter a better life than mine
Its hard, not to pretend
But shit, I forgot I was here to support Len
But I know he understand
Coz shit he got a daugher too
And if he had to raise her in the hood what would he do
Only love take away the pain
Enough money wash a nigga brain

All the joy that a dollar bring
But if I talk about God my record won't get played
Can you imagine how the Lord feels
When young people today are out there tripping out

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