Xperience - Xeezy Lyrics

Yo is this that X mixtape my nigga?
I think so my nigga
Well aight then...

Just one night,
It feels right
Just me and you my baby,& we can get it on
Yeah we can get it on...
Just you & me,& nobody,won't...
Ever have to know,& we can get it on
Yeah we can get it on...

I was a chicken when we first met,I felt just like a broiler
I saw her my heart would melt,but she cah have ma back,just like a spoiler
Car back...spoiler
Chicken like a broiler
I can't leave you up in smoke,with what I spoke,just like a muffler
& I love her,so I asked her if she would accompany me...
To the dairy queen,or Burger King,or even Royal C
Which ever,one she please,it didn't matter to X-ease
I'd pay whatever the cost to take her out,& additional fees
So please....
Don't make me get on my knees
Some say 'Karma' is a bitch,just looking at Ravi B
& I admit that line was mean...
But I'm far from average mean...
Mean in maths is average,I've managed to make you unders what I mean
You're like a sunbeam...
You're hotter than the sun's steam
Would you like to go out in the day time,with the man of yuh dreams

& I just want one date (x6)

& I just need one day,you'd swear that I play cricket
I'm just hoping that one day you'd listen
To this proposition,that's benefiting of the people that's involved
She's a mystery,I'll end yuh misery,now watch son
See I got an idea,just like a light-bulb
Yuh Sherlock's home baby,now watch as this mystery gets solved
& I'm not saying I'm in love...
I'm just saying there's a cause for the effect that you have had on this man just because
When I see you,I look forward to never looking back
& as a matter fact...
Lemme make a pact...
From this love I'd never subtract
I'd counter-attack when I react to your back
No cardiac,to be exact,if I sound slack
Don't overreact cause I was just tryna impact on yuh...
Now lemme take you higher baby....without marijuana ...


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